Dance  Conservatory

Dance is an amazing art form that allows a person to express their creativity and individuality through movement. Dancing provides benefits to the mind as well as the body. While the body learns technique, balance, texture and flexibility, the mind is trained in discipline and attentiveness while building confidence and appreciation. 

A solid foundation in technique should be the base for every dancer. We believe that technique is the key to having a long lasting and successful career in dance. We offer a pre-professional program rooted in ballet and modern coupled with exposure to a variety of dance genres. Our goal is to create a well rounded and versatile dancer. We provide a nurturing environment focusing on a quality education for each and every student. Our students receive individualized attention and direction. This program is geared to create professional dancers that can leave our doors and become stars!

TNT strives to provide a quality education while sharing our love and passion for dance. We are not just a dance studio, we are a family. Allow us to teach you and experience building the future!


Conservatory classes start Saturday, September 3rd!!!!

FREE Classes for all ages M-F 6-8pm!!!!